Walkway Installation and Construction

Walkway Installation in North and East Yorkshire

You might remember some very special moments in your life when you were surrounded by nature and taking in its beauty while walking along a winding path through the woods by yourself or with a friend or a strolling through a park with someone you especially cared for.

A beautiful walkway created especially to match the landscape of your property can bring back these moments and make them alive now.

Lyles Landscape & Garden Services offer reliable and experienced Walkway Construction and Installation services - From the walkway idea to the design to completion we thoroughly manage your landscape construction project.

And don't forget we do it all. Whatever the size or scope of your landscape project

Walkway Designs and Ideas

You may already have in mind an idea or a design for your walkway. We know how to help you evolve that idea and design a walkway that perfectly complements your landscape.

There are many different types of walkways. The following might help bring forth some ideas…

Garden Walkways

Gardens can be beautiful by themselves but when surrounded with a natural stone walkway that blends in with the rest of your landscape and leads to other outdoor living spaces, you have something that will give you many moments of pleasure and increase the value of your property.

Concrete Walkways

The most basic type of walkway is concrete. This can be done for simply utilitarian purposes, or using some of the new styles of concrete walkways it can also be very inviting.

Walkway Pavers

For maximum beauty you should consider walkway pavers. No matter what paving material is used, pavers for walkways brings about the greatest aesthetic experience.

Brick Walkways

There are many different brick walkway designs that have been developed through years of experience. You can check these out with our walkway designers and installers to see if it would be right for your landscaping.

Natural Stone Walkways

Natural stone is the closest to nature and accents the other points of beauty in your landscaping. Natural stone walkways are very aesthetic and practical and can enhance any outdoor living space.

Some of the types of natural stone walkways that we install include:

From start to finish, we pay close attention to the construction process, taking all measures to ensure top quality. When it comes to Outdoor Living improvement, Lyles Landscape & Garden Services is your one-stop solution.

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