Seating Walls Design and Constructions

Seating Walls in North and East Yorkshire

Seating Walls are a low cost and simple way you can enhance your back garden living creating additional seating space and at the same time keeping the natural and beautiful appearance of stone.

They can also be a creative and artistic way to provide a great focal point to outdoor design features, display your beautiful natural stone and also create an entertaining area for your guests.

Add Focal Points to Exterior Living Space

If you intend to use a fountain, water features, fire pits, outdoor bar & kitchen in your patio design, seating walls are a important element to consider as they complement your design with style, beauty and usability that will last a

long time and will highlight your beautiful patio features.

Create Rooms for you Backyard Living Area

Seating walls and retaining walls can be used to divide your outdoor living space and create a sense of outdoor rooms or ambient. They also can be used to elevate shrubs and flowers bringing the beautiful colours closer to eye level.

Enhance your Patio Design

Seating Walls are an essential element to a well design garden, dividing and defining areas and bringing multi dimension and texture to your landscape.

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