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Lyles Landscape & Garden Services

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Derrick Lyles

Lyles Landscape & Garden Services

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Lyles Landscape & Garden Services was formed in 2008 by Derrick Lyle a Ex Serving WO2 (Warrant Officer) in the British Armed Forces with  34 years service to the crown.

Lyles Landscape & Garden Services are Employed by businessmen and woman to design,Construct & maintain gardens,estates and business properties in York North Yorkshire across to Hornsea Beverly, Bridlington, Leconsfield in East Yorkshire and surrounding villages.

With the most recent work being carried out for DHE Properties (MOD) for north and east Yorkshire.

Derrick and is team members all ex military are just as passionate about quality landscape as the owners. This is seen throughout our customer satisfaction and proactive approach to maintaining our customer base. Identifying potential issues, offering solutions, meeting budgets, and making your creative dreams come to life in your own backyard.

Lyles Landscape & Garden Services offer an eye for ensuring your property is maintained as it matures. Not only do we maintain your garden through a variety of services including but not limited to construction, planting, mulching, water features, and retaining walls, but we enhance it as well.

Customers of Lyles Landscapes and Garden services , are rewarded with our commitment to service, quality, and loyalty to our customers. Our company never loses sight of the most important aspect of our jobs: the customer. Our relationship with you should grow as solidly and steadily as your landscaping does. Working with residential and commercial properties throughout  North and East Yorkshire Lyles Landscapes & Garden Services, is committed to serving you.


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Lyles Landscape & Garden Service delivers first class garden construction and maintenance

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Lawn Care and New Lawns

Lyles lawn care in Yorkshire consists of doing more than throwing some miscellaneous chemicals onto the old lawn.

Complete garden strip out and redesign see more detail …

Garden was in a sate of needing a overall with weeds killing everything

See more detail

Redesign of front entrance complete strip out and new lawn see more detail ..

Large garden in a terrible state of neglect - redesign see more detail…