Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Outside polycarbonate greenhouse Construction in North and East Yorkshire

In our ongoing effort to bring home owners unsurpassed quality in construction and installation of landscape products, Lyles Landscape & Garden services Construction & Design offers maintenance and installation services for your polycarbonate greenhouse a better place for your plants.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Polycarbonate greenhouse traps heat energy in the same way that our planet’s atmosphere keeps us warm – through light wave transformation, and through convection of the air inside the polycarbonate greenhouse. Solar radiation reaches the greenhouse, passes through the polycarbonate sheets, and gets absorbed by the ground and plants inside the greenhouse. The ground and plants transform the solar energy, and convert it to heat energy, which cannot escape through the polycarbonate sheets. The air inside the polycarbonate greenhouse is kept warm by convection, which simply means that warmer air near the ground rises, and the cooler air near the ceiling of the greenhouse falls. Because the greenhouse keeps the air trapped inside, the convection process allows the air to absorb more and more heat each time it rises and falls

Lyles Landscape & Garden Services  can supply and fit any size polycarbonate greenhouse for you garden.

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