Outdoor Stairs & Outdoor Steps Installation

Outdoor Steps and Stairs Installation in North &East Yorkshire

As part of Lyles Landscape & Garden Services commitment to making your landscape absolutely beautiful, we offer a very wide variety of outdoor stairs, steps and outdoor staircases..

Landscape Stairs and Steps

If your landscape has different ground levels then the best way to beautify it, and to save the soil from erosion, is by using retaining walls and landscape steps or stairs. Properly installed masonry steps that blend in with the rest of your landscape is very attractive and can add instant curb appeal and value to your home.

Walkway Steps and Stepping Stones

Adding trees and other shrubbery and/or utilizing existing natural resources, natural stone walkway stepping stones will create a very special kind of peacefulness and beauty. And where the various ground levels change, using the same stone pattern, walkway steps are very attractive.

Garden Steps

If you have a garden or want a garden then using the appropriate type and style of garden steps and garden retaining walls can make the garden a miniature paradise. You can even create a raised or sunken garden in this way.

Patio and Deck Steps — Ideas and Designs

Many patios are on raised decks and need steps to lead up to it. Besthands can assist your ideas wtih a professional and aesthetic patio steps design. Concrete, brick or stone patio steps are a great way to enhance any patio or deck.

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Lyle Landscape & Garden Services specializes in outdoor stairs installation and a full array of Landscape Construction.

Part of a beautiful and well designed outdoor living space, often requires the use of stairs or steps. Our certified installers provide services suitable to your needs to perfect your landscape construction with a touch of beauty and durability in a range of materials and styles, including:

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